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**Disclaimer: The testimonials/results mentioned above are based on each individual's experience and results may vary for different individuals.


Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

**NIDDM : Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
 *In a study of 55 Possible (Earlier Truweight) clients, presented to IDA

Diet program had led to significant decrease in the initial weight,
fasting blood sugar and the postprandial blood sugars in 12
 weeks’ study period in the NIDDM** individuals.

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What you don't know about Diabetes may be killing you!

Diabetes is not a problem which can be ignored. You cannot just be taking medications and be happy that things are under control. Things are not. Let’s look at some startling facts on how diabetes increases the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Heart Disease

Blood Pressure

Kidney Disease

Cancer Risk

Risk of death from heart disease is four times higher for diabetics. 80% of diabetics die of heart attacks!

75% of diabetics have high blood pressure

Diabetes is one of the leading cause of kidney disease

Diabetes increases risk of cancer significantly

Possible doesn’t claim to cure any diseases. Results may vary. Diet supervision is not a substitute for medical treatment. 

In just 7 Days, Learn how to Reverse Diabetes naturally!

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According to the American Diabetes Association, losing even 4.5 to 6 kg of weight can result in  reduction in blood sugar levels and decrease in blood pressure.

A study published in Diabetes Care noted that when diabetic individuals lost around 9-13 kgs, they witnessed a significant increase in their life-span, with a 25% reduction in mortality.

Success rate with losing weight


Success rate with reversing diabetes


Successful diabetic clients


Published in International Journals since 2015

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2015

5.5 kg reduction in weight

25% reduction in FBS (132 to 101) 

ACTA Scientific Nutritional Health, 2019

2.8 pt reduction in Body Mass Index

25% reduction in HbA1c (8.5 to 6.4) 

Vishnu Saraf

CEO & Cofounder

Certified health coach and NLP practitioner, author of 2 books on nutrition  

Recipient of 101 Global Healthcare Leader Award from World Health Congress. Vishnu started Possible with a vision to transform the lives of 1 crore Indians by helping them fight lifestyle diseases. 

Proud alumnus of SRCC, IIM-Ahmedabad, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank.

Suhasini Mudraganam

Chief Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Expert

Food scientist with an MS in Nutrition from the University of Missouri, USA. Suhasini has 14 years of global experience, championing food as medicine. 

(Over 9 months)

(in 12 weeks)

Dr Trusha Abhyankar

Lead Ayurvedic Doctor

MD in Ayurveda, BAMS and MBA in Healthcare. 

Dr Trusha has been adding value to our clients with 10+ years of experience. 

Diabetes Reversal Course 
(4.7 star, 1400 ratings)

Are you unhappy being  Diabetic?

Do you worry about being on diabetic medications all your life?

Do you worry about the need to take insulin in future?

Or the complications of eyes, feet, kidney and heart that diabetes brings?

Do you suffer from low levels of energy?

And the worst, worry about being on a restrictive diet all the time?

Just imagine, how your life will change if you could Reverse Diabetes

Just imagine a life without medicines, without worry of future complications.

Just imagine a life where you can enjoy sweets again without worrying about your sugar levels.

Just imagine a life which is full of energy and life.

What you will learn in the course

Root cause of Type II diabetes is not less insulin production in the body (contrary to the popular perception)

Secrets on how to reverse diabetes naturally with the help of food (secrets pharma industry would not want you to know)

Why taking medicines lifelong is not the solution (it in fact does not solve the root cause of the problem, it only manages the symptoms)

Discover the 7 pillars of diabetic diet

What did ayurveda talk about diabetes and did it have any cure for it?

Do you know an average Diabetic spends Rs 14 lakhs on medications in his/her lifetime?

Diabetes is the root cause of multiple diseases like kidney failure, heart failures, foot and eye problems. It not only reduces the quality of life, it costs a lot of money!

At just Rs 199, you can discover how to improve your quality of life and save this huge amount of money.

We guarantee that this will be the best investment you will ever make in your life. If not, ask for your money back.

Possible's success in Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes Reversal Course 

 3000   199/-

 3000   199/-


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Yes, it’s Possible

**Disclaimer: The testimonials/results mentioned above are based on each individual's experience and results may vary for different individuals.

90 min Online Course

What you get

30 min Free Health Consultation
1 live Webinars

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Special Discount on Possible Long-term Programs and on Possible Super Foods
Free Diet Chart

What is Diabetes Reversal?

Can Diabetes be reversed naturally?

Does excess weight contribute to Diabetes?

Are medicines alone the right solution for Diabetes?

93% Off. 
200% Money Back Guarantee.


Videos will be available on the Possible App. Register on the app using the same phone number used for billing and select Diabetes as a medical condition during registration - you will see the course on the homepage.

If you don't like the program, you can ask for 200% money back. You need to complete 70% of course to be eligible for refund i.e. watch 7 videos, attend 1 webinar and log food on 3 days. You can share the screenshots of the same in your refund mail. You can send an email to - Each person can apply for a refund once for 1 purchase. You can apply for a refund within 180 days of the billing date."

Each video is just 7-10 minutes long. The entire course will take less than 90 minutes. You can watch it in 1 go or watch it over a couple of days.

This course is designed specifically for Type II Diabetes. You may learn something if you have Diabetes Type I, but the course is not specifically designed for you.

Over 90% of Type II diabetics have BMI>23. Even 3-5 extra weight causes diabetes. Type II Diabetics whose BMI > 23 will benefit the maximum from this course.



Money Back,

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If you don’t find our 7 day program the best ever weight loss program, we pay you double of what you paid.
Are we crazy people to make such an offer? No, we are making this unbeatable offer as we are very confident of our program, which has delivered a 98% success rate.

Diabetes Reversal Course
7 Day Course for just Rs 199
BONUS  #1: Free Health Consultation
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200% Money Back Guarantee
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